Web Design Prices

You can mix and match between packages if they don't suit your needs. Contact us for a free quote or try the Website Estimator. Jargon terms are explained in the glossary.


Slim Site Package     Flexi Site Package

Ultra Site package     Premium Site Package

For more detail on what is and isn't included in each
package please review our new website Specification.




Which Package Is The Right One For Me ?

If you want to quickly put some content up on the web without any interactive features, the Slim-Site is a great place to start.

Ideal for the budget conscious, you can add pages later and build your site over time.

The Flexi-Site allows for maximum design control on every page. Site management requires some technical expertise or you can outsource this to us.

The main benefit is you can have anything you want - where you want it !

The Ultra-Site is perfect for those wanting to update a website themselves. All content is maintained in a database and accessed via an easy to learn CMS (Content Management System).

The price for this autonomy is less flexibility over individual pages as all content is displayed through a template.

Finally the Premium Package allows you have the best of both worlds. Place some pages into a CMS (eg a blog) and have others individually customizable.

Build a powerhouse web application that interacts intelligently with visitors and lets you update the day-to-day changes yourself.

Can't Find The Right Fit ?

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