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G’day Nik,

Thankyou for a fantastic job! I must say that I was up until 2am this morning just playing with the site. I found the methods that you guided me through simple to do.

I have a friend who is starting up a BnB in Shoalwater, she was very impressed with the web site and the simple way one can operate it. Once she gets council approval for her BnB she will be contacting you ....

Markus Leone


Congratulations on a masterful revamp of the IPA Australia site. This is first class, easy to navigate and informative. Initiatives like this should see membership grow considerably...

Jock Alcock

To all our friends “Down Under”, congratulations on your new website. I have just been made aware of it through your eMail. First impressions are very favourable and it looks an excellent site - so easy to navigate, procedures explained and clear directions. Every success and good wishes from your colleagues in Ireland.

Billy Saunderson
IPA Ireland


As Chairman of the Perth Nostalgia Festival, I am pleased to acknowledge the hard work and dedication provided by Nik in the last 12 months. As a new organisation we needed a website to be created from scratch and be in tune with our target audience. Nik not only provided this, but was able to change the web format in a timely manner as new information was sent to him."

"I believe that without Nik's constant attention to detail , creative ideas and professional approach our Festival would have surely failed. Even though our festival is an annual event I believe our website has set a standard that will be in constant demand as a source of information and an enjoyable site to visit at any time."

Howard Brockman