About Us

Handshake and business woman using a laptop   Hyperlink Studio is a new name in web design and comes to you with over 20 years experience in small business.


Hi, I'm Nik Peran; keen investor, builder and entrepeneur. Since embarking on I.T. some years ago I've also discovered a burning passion for creating websites.

Curiously, the principles for building great websites are not that different from designing a beautiful home, bathroom or garden - all things I've done for years. But what excites me the most is the internet's ability to reduce the repetitious nature of work.

By combining attractive and functional websites with automation features, a business can leverage itself to levels never before imagined.


Why Small Business ?

Having owned and run two building companies I understand the need to find the right people, information and equipment. I've had my fair share of successes and failures. The most precious resource of all is time and the cost of getting it wrong can be painful.

Small businesses drive our economy while their owners do it tough. All the risk with long hours and sometimes less pay than their staff. But it doesn't have to be like that. Sometimes we're all too busy making ends meet to realize that there's actually a better way.


Why Choose Us ?

I understand that you don't actually want a website. You want the benefits a website can bring. Money pouring in 24x7. Fewer people wasting your time. More hours spent with loved ones.

While anyone can deliver a website, I'll go several steps further and create a unique application tailored to the needs of your business. Two decades of in-the-trenches business experience allows me to develop systems that actually get what you want.

The result?

A seamless integration of website and business that puts you in the driver's seat. Today's technology makes it posible for anyone to manage the day to day running of their site. I provide the training and resources that empower you in very little time.

Have a look at the Design Packages.



What's In A Name ?

Hyperlinks are what define the web. Without the ability to jump from one page to the next there would be no internet.

While designing beautiful web pages gets all the glory, what use is that if they are never found?

To reach your information a visitor must first click a link. So crafting links that entice people to click on them is as important as the content they lead to.

Websites are made up of web pages which in turn are made up of hyperlinks. The process of building websites involves adding one link at a time.

The name Hyperlink Studio tells the story of what it is we do. But really I just liked the name and no one had taken it.